Artists from Chittagong exhibit artistic prowess

April 1, 2015

Artists from Chittagong exhibit artistic prowesshA group of 50 artists from Chittagong are displaying their works at a group exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.
The exhibition, Rong O Ruper Kabya (Poetry of Colour and Beauty), is the seventh edition of the event organised jointly by Chattagram Charushilpy Porshad and the academy. It features a total of 150 artworks of miscellaneous themes, mostly paintings and a few installations. One of the installations on display is Afzalur Rahim’s Formalin Mukto Phol, which shows two heaps of clay fruits next to an apparently dead tree trunk, with toy birds perched on fruits hanging from its branches. The combination symbolises the staleness of fruits and vegetables on which harmful chemicals like formalin are used.
Artist Samina Nafiz, under her acrylic series titled Mukhosh-er Araley, depicts masks that serve to hide not only one’s face but also their true nature and intentions. That way, it is more symbolic than realistic.
Farzan Yasalin’s Spring is a colourful work of art showing a beautiful woman intoxicated by the beauty and freshness of nature. With flowery trees of bright colour encircling her from all sides, she appears to become one with nature.
A little girl playing on a vast paddy field was depicted by Muktarun Nahar Rahman, in one of her paintings compiled under the series Images of Bangladesh. All the paintings, in one way or another, depict the scenic beauty of the countryside.
Afroza Akter Beauty’s 71-er Nari is another series on display at the exhibition. Done in oil on canvas, the series includes four paintings portraying women playing various roles during the 1971 war of independence. One of the paintings depicts an injured woman, while another shows a woman apparently waiting for her beloved to get back from the war.
‘Exhibitions of this type create a bridge between artists who share common aspirations,’ said artist Samina Nafiz, who has completed her BFA and MFA from Chittagong University. The exhibition began on March 28 and will remain open till April 11.

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