Biren Shome’s date with Panam Nagar

December 31, 2014

Biren Shome’s date with Panam Nagar=Senior artist Biren Shome has brought the old, forsaken city known as Panam Nagar on his canvasses for his ongoing solo
at Shilpangan Gallery.
The artist, in his signature watercolour paintings and charcoal and pen drawings, has given life to this decaying city at the exhibition titled Date Down Memory Lane.
The artist has brought the landscape and niceties of the buildings of the once affluent city in his watercolour paintings, the works also demonstrate the artist’s strong observational faculties.
The 46 paintings and drawings on display at the exhibition projects a city which still reflects its lost glory in its dilapidated buildings and structures.
The still existent buildings which were built in Indo-European styles have come to dominate Shome’s paintings. He has tried to portray niceties and finesse of the buildings from different angles and beauty of the landscape.
Diverse motifs and patterns that decorate the buildings’ gates, walls, roofs and boundaries are expressively presented in the paintings.
‘I have been fascinated by Panam Nagar for a long time now. From my first visit to Panam Nagar in the sixties till date, the city has been active in my imagination’, said Biren Shome to New Age.
The artist has carefully studied and observed the terracotta and other decorative forms and figures on wood and concrete to reproduce them on canvas.
As a result, some of the woks are nuanced portrayal of the terracotta and floral designs, while others are panoramic view of the city from its streets and from above the buildings.
In one painting the artist has brought the architectural view of Nachghar (dance room) with emphasis on the surrounding glass windows, spacious room and decorated roofs.
In another painting, the artist has imposingly brought a canal, called Pankhiraj canal, on canvas. Visitors will also be gripped by Shome’s careful portrayal of circuitous lanes with majestic buildings on both sides.
Inaugurated on December 27, the exhibition will be open to all from 12pm to 8pm till January 10.

-Input from New Age

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