Female artists explore womanhood

April 3, 2015

Female artists explore womanhoodhA group of female artists have amassed their works for a group show at the Gallery Twenty One in Dhanmondi exploring womanhood among other themes.
The exhibition, Jatra or Journey, is a tribute to the International Women’s Day and was jointly organised by the gallery and the Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka.
The highlight of the event was the number of the participating artists – forty one – which the organisers described as proof of women’s increasing interest in creative works, including well-known names such as Ferdousy Priyabhashiny, Farida Zaman, Dilara Begum Jolly, Kanak Chanpa Chakma and Nasreen Begum.
‘Though this exhibition, we celebrate not only the journey of Jatra (owned and run by women), but also that of the country’s female artists. Bringing together 41 artists under one roof is an achievement in itself,’ said Maliha Chaudhury, president of Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka.
But it’s not the mere number of the participating artists that attracts the viewers; their virtuosity and deft handling of subjects such as nature, society and working and revelling women is amply manifest in their works.
Ferdousy Priyabhashiny’s signature sculpture titled Dream Horse, made of tree roots, is eye-catching. Nasreen Begum’s acrylic painting, Women at Work, depicts three female street cleaners at the break of dawn.
Rokeya Sultana’s tempera work, Madonna, explores motherhood showing a saree-clad mother holding her daughter. Motherhood as a theme was also explored in Sulekha Chowdhury’s Maa.
Kanak Chanpa Chakma’s acrylic canvas Spring 35 shows colourful women of ethnic background. Beautiful and charming women also appear in the works of Afrozza Jamil Konka, Elham Haq Khuku, Masuma Khan, Shadia Shamim Monsur and others.
Atia Islam Anny’s Gaza is Crying deserves mention because of its theme and the bold way it was treated. Anny paints a woman in hijab surrounded by arms trying to grab her.
The exhibition also displays three acrylic works by noted painters Hashem Khan and Rafiqun Nabi, who Maliha said mentored the artists in various stages of their life and helped them get their works done.
Inaugurated on March 28, the exhibition will remain open till April 12.

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