Eid films attract more viewers to cinemas

October 26, 2013

Despite the present political unrest in the country, four Eid films have attracted many viewers to the cinemas and have earned good turnovers so far, sources say.
A total of four films were released this Eid. The films are Shafiuddin Shafi’s Purna Dourgho Prem Kahini; Malek Afsary’s Full and Final; Nazrul Islam Khan’s Premik Number One; and Shah Muhammad Songram’s Ki Prem Dekhaila.
New Age went on an information hunt and spoke to the cinema-gores, exhibitors and production houses of the films on Thursday.
Among the four films Shafiuddin Shafi’s Purna Dourgho Premkahini; and Malek Afsary’s Full and Final are clearly ahead in terms of turnovers earned.
Purna Dourgho Premkahini, produced by Friends Movies International, was one of the big budget films this Eid. The film also got good appreciation from the visitors.
The Dhallywood heartthrob Shakib Khan for the first time paired up with popular actress Joya Ahsan in the film. Their duo entertained the audience to a great extent.
‘The element of triangle-love among Shakib Khan, Joya Ahsan and Arefin Shuvo as well as the melodies romantic songs in the film were really enjoyable,’ said a cinema-goer Rashidul Islam who watched the film at Star Cineplex.
The film is running at more than 70 cinemas around the country.
‘We have not yet calculated the profit our film has made so far. For the time being, it is safe to say that the film is running successfully and we hope that within a month it will earn at least twice the amount that has been invested on it,’ said an official of Friends Movies International.
Another Shakib-Khan-acted-film Full and Final, directed by Malek Afsary and produced by Heartbeat Production, had its commercial release this Eid.
In Full and Final, a romantic thriller, Shakib has paired up with the emerging actress Boby. Visitors expressed their satisfaction on the duo’s on screen chemistry.
‘It was an awesome movie with beautiful shots in wonderful locations in different countries, and with a good story,’ said Iqbal Hossain, who enjoyed the film at Rajmoni Cinema.
‘The film is getting more response than we initially expected. As the film is still doing well, I should not say anything about the turnovers yet,’ told an official of Heartbeat production to New Age.
The film too is running in around 70 cinemas and is earning good turnover.
The two other films, though not on a par, have also received a good number of visitors.
The third Shakib-acted-film Premik Number One is also doing well. Movie lovers did not hesitate to visit the cinemas to see the chemistry of the popular Dhallywood duo Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas.
The only film countering the hegemony of Shakib-Khan-acted films was Shah Muhammad Songram’s Ki Prem Dekhaila.
The film had the emerging actors Bappy and Achol in the cast. However the film could not compete with the overwhelming success gained in the other films with Shakib Khan as the hero; showing that Shakib is still able to attract audience to his movies.

-Input from New Age

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