Around 70 pc failed the last five teachers’ registration exams

August 23, 2014

About 70 to 80 per cent candidates who appear for the teachers’ registration examination – a pre-qualifying exam to become a teacher at non-government schools and colleges – fail to secure pass marks, according to results of the last five examinations. Exam authorities have decided to hold the exam twice a year from now on, instead of once, to cope with growing unemployment and the need for teachers in educational institutions.
The exam to appoint teachers at non-government schools, colleges, madrassahs and technical institutes is conducted by the Non-Government Teachers’ Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA).
NTRCA top officials said the quality of potential teachers was ‘seriously low’. They are not well-versed on the subjects they were taught during their academic life, they said. Besides, poor English and Mathematics skills were a major reason for so many failed candidates.
Around 31.73 per cent candidates who appeared for the tenth registration examination passed the exam, according to results published
on Thursday.
A total of 1,13,297 candidates, out of 3,56,962, passed the examination held under the NTRCA on May 30 and 31.
For school level 1 posts, 63,840 out of 2,23,037 candidates, school level 2 posts – 2,211 out of 16,840 candidates, and for college level posts, 47,246 out of 1,16,942 candidates, passed the exam.
The pass rate for 6th NTRCA exam was 19.34 per cent, for 7th it was 22.44 per cent, for 8th it was 22.59 per cent and the pass rate in the 9th was 31.30 per cent.
Around 2.20 lakh candidates appeared for 6th, 2.59 lakh candidates appeared for 7th, 2.48 candidates appeared in 8th and 2.42 candidates appeared for the 9th NTRCA exam.
The NTRCA holds a 200-mark written test and qualified candidates are given a certificate with lifetime validity. Pass mark for the exam
is 40.
NTRCA registration certificate is a must to get a job at non-government junior high schools, secondary schools, colleges, madrassahs, technical schools and vocational institutions around the country.
NTRCA was established in 2005 to ensure quality in teaching at all non-government educational institutions in the country.
Registration exam controller Rafiqul Islam said the quality of candidates was a matter of concern. NTRCA candidates are usually ones who have failed to get any good government or non-government jobs, and then so many of them fail this exam, he observed.
NTRCA chairman Ashis Kumar Sarkar said that negative marking for Multiple Choice Questions was another reason for so many failed candidates in the exam.
There are 35,000 non-government educational institutions which offer post-primary education and these institutions have more than four lakh teachers.

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