BCL, Shibir men trade fire at CU

August 25, 2014

The ruling Awami League-backed student organisation Bangladesh Chhattra League and the Jamaat-e-Islami’s student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir on Sunday exchanged gunfire at Chittagong University over a football match at Suhrawardy Hall ground. No casualty or injury, however, was reported. Witnesses and the police said that activities of the two student organisations opened fire to each other after they locked into a chase-counter-chase centring the football match in the evening.
Sounds of gunshots were heard at intervals till at 8:00pm.
Though law enforcers fired tear gas shells to bring the situation under control at the beginning of the clash, they later played role of spectators, the witnesses said.
Campus outpost police official Moueen Uddion said that they fired rubber bullets and tear gas shells.
‘Now the situation is under control,’ he added.
The police official said that Shibir men blasted crude bombs and fired at least 20 bullets.
Witnesses said that Chhatra League men also fired at least 25-30 bullets and threw crude bombs targeting Shibir men.
Shibir men were staying in the Suhrawardy Hall while Chhatra League men were staying out of the hall, the witnesses said.
The proctor, Siraj Uddola, said that additional law enforcers were deployed on the campus.
Witnesses said that the two rival organisations engaged in the clash when Shibir men reportedly denied a Chhatra League man playing football with them on the hall ground.
The police were conducting raid at Suhrawardy Hall, known to be a stronghold of Shibir, when the report was filed at 10:30pm.

-Input from New Age

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