Fresh fire fight between BGB, Myanmar force

May 31, 2014

Captive BGB nayek reported killed
Tension mounted in the Bandarban frontiers on Friday afternoon as a fresh fire fight broke out between border guards of Bangladesh and Myanmar over the reported death of BGB nayek Mizanur Rahman. Mizanur was wounded severely on Wednesday morning when Myanmar’s border police attacked Border Guard Bangladesh personnel at border post 52 at Naikhyangchari. Myanmar guards captured the wounded Mizanur.
Bangladesh border guards till Friday night were yet to establish if Mizanur had still been alive. But unconfirmed reports say that he may have died.
The BGB director general, Aziz Ahmed, told New Age on Friday night that Myanmar’s border police had kept a body in the border area inside Myanmar.
‘Myanmar border guards have told us that they would bring the body to the border at 11:00pm tomorrow [Saturday] for us to establish if he was Mizanur,’ Aziz said.
The latest round of fire fight broke out about 3:00pm and continued for about two hours as Myanmar’s border patrols started firing into BGB personnel who went there to get back Mizanur, the BGB Bandarban sector commander Colonel KM Saiful Islam said.
Both the border forces traded fire intermittently. No casualty was, however, reported, the New Age correspondent in Bandarban said.
Local people said that during the fire fight on Wednesday morning, Mizanur had been wounded falling in the line of fire. They said that they had seen Myanmar’s border police capturing the wounded soldier.
The superintendent of police, Devdas Bhattacharya, told New Age that local BGB officials had confirmed the death of Mizanur inside Myanmar. ‘The BGB is trying to get the body back.’
Myanmar’s newspaper Myanmar Times on Friday reported that the Bangladesh soldier was captured, and possibly killed, ‘during a border skirmish.’
The newspaper also reported the Myanmar’s deputy minister for information Ye Htut, who is also a spokesperson for the president Thein Sein, had also expressed concern that ‘such acts of terrorism could generate more hatred between the Buddhist and Muslim communities and prompt further instability.’
The newspaper reported him saying that he believed that Bangladesh would respond to the incident appropriately because a stable border is in the interests of both countries.
The BGB director general said that they had tried to communicate with the Myanmar border police through different channels, even the diplomatic channel, but they were reluctant and did not make any response.
He said that the BGB soldiers had shown utmost patience in containing the situation.
A BGB official said that they had tried to hold a flag meeting but their counterparts did not respond.
The Bandarban sector commander said that they would resume their efforts as their effort on Friday could not be successful because of the fire fight.
The Border Guard Bangladesh mobilised additional troops overnight along the south-eastern frontiers with Myanmar as tension mounted.
The trouble broke out as Myanmar border guards fired into BGB patrols at Dochari of Nykhangchhari on Wednesday and captured the wounded Mizanur, the superintendent of police said.
The family of Mizanur has, meanwhile, urged the prime minister to arrange for a return of Mizanur.
The Bangladesh Foreign Office on Thursday afternoon summoned Myanmar’s ambassador in Dhaka and handed in a note verbale protesting at the firing and detaining of the BGB soldier.
The incident could make uncertain a meeting between deputy directors of the two border security forces scheduled in the Maungdaw town in the Rakhine state in Myanmar for June 3.

-Input from New Age

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