PDB loses Tk 124.57 crore in 8 months

August 24, 2014

Power Import From India
PDB loses Tk 124.57 crore in 8 months
The Power Development Board incurred a loss of Tk 124.57 crore in eight months from October 2013 for importing electricity from India, according to the board’s annual statement on bulk loss. The board counted the loss as the price of imported electricity was higher than the price at which the authority sold it to the power distribution companies, officials said. The board spent Tk 5.17 for each unit of electricity it imported from India but sold it at Tk 4.70 per unit, the annual statement said.
Bangladesh started drawing Indian electricity since October 2013 under two agreements, one with Indian state-run power authority NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam for 25 years and the other with a private power supplier PTC India Limited for three years.
Under the contracts, each of the authorities is supposed to supply 250MW electricity to the Bangladesh grid through a 103-kilometre high-voltage transmission line between Baharampur in West Bengal and Bheramara in Kushtia.
The average cost of imported electricity would be much lower if NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam supplied 250MW electricity as its price was lower than the price of PTC India’s electricity, a board official said.
He, however, said that the average cost of electricity imported from India was much less than the electricity purchased from fuel oil-fired rental and quick rental power plants.
The board spends Tk 16-20 to buy each unit of electricity from fuel oil-fired plants, he said.
Critics, however, said that the government was trying to justify the expensive sources of electricity by the fuel oil-fired rental plants introduced as a short-term measure.
In the eight months between October 2013 and June 2014, the power board purchased some 196.23 crore units of electricity from the suppliers of Indian public and private sector, according to the data available with the Bangladesh power authority.
In the eight months, the authority spent Tk 1,017.28 crore as the payments to the authorities concerned for electricity import and transmission, the data showed.
Bangladesh is now planning to import additional 500MW electricity from India’s private sector through the Baharampur-Bheramara high-voltage grid line.

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