Quasem’s men picked people, tortured in confinement: Witnesses

February 25, 2014

War Crimes Trial
Quasem’s men picked people, tortured in confinement: Witnesses
Two prosecution witnesses against Jamaat leader Mir Quasem Ali on Tuesday told the International Crimes Tribunal-2 that Quasem had led Al-Badr men to pick up people in late November during the liberation war, kept them in confinement at Dalim Hotel, the Al-Badr torture camp in Chittagong and tortured them there. The witnesses, Nazim Uddin, 57, of village Golam Ali Nazirbari under Chandgaon in Chittagong and Md Hasan, 62, of Sabanghat under the same upazila testified in the tribunal as the 11th and the 12th prosecution witnesses respectively.
Quasem was in the dock.
Hasan, a class IX student of NMC High School in Chittagong then, told the tribunal that at around 3:00am on November 29, 1971, Al-Badr men led by Mir Quasem Ali surrounded their house, picked up 20 or 25 persons including his father and cousin Nurul Quddus.
He said they were taken to NMC High School where two trucks had been waiting when Quasem left the place leaving the captives under guard of Al-Badr men.
‘The Al-Badr men released me from NMC High School as I was merely a boy then,’ he said, adding that his father and Quddus were also released.
He said that those who had been confined that day were freed after Bangladesh’s independence. They later told him that Quasem’s men had held at Dalim Hotel. ‘I saw marks of torture on their bodies,’ he said.
The witness said that he knew Quasem since 1970 when the accused was president of Chittagong College unit of Islami Chattra Sangha, the erstwhile student wing of Jamaat.
Earlier, Nazim testified that Al-Badr men picked him as well as many others up from their houses on early November 30, 1971 and took them to Dalim Hotel where he found many others were also confined and tortured.
He said the physically assaulted and mentally tormented people told him that the place was a torture camp led by Quasem.
After 3 or 4 days, he was produced before Quasem who asked him for information about the freedom fighters, he said.
He said that Quasem released him because of his father’s appeal.
The witness said that Quasem advised him to let him know about the whereabouts of the freedom fighters in future.
On Completion of their testimony, Quasem’s lawyer Mizanul Islam cross-examined them.
The hearing resumes on March 3.

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