Shooting eyes Korean coach

October 6, 2013

National Shooting Federation of Bangladesh has all but confirmed a high-performance Korean coach for the air-rifle shooters to prepare them for the upcoming international meets, said top official of the federation on Saturday. To appoint the South Korean coach Lee for the next one year, the NSFB is now seeking financial assistance from the Bangladesh Olympic Association.
The NSFB sent a letter to the BOA requesting it to provide the monthly salary of the foreign coach, who they believe will help achieve the target of winning medals in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.
`To confirm the appointment of the Korean coach, we are looking towards the BOA,’ said Inthekhabul Hamid Apu, general secretary of the NSFB, on Saturday.
`If the BOA assists us financially then we can appoint him on a long-term contract. If they do not agree then we will bring him for a 3-months period,’ he added.
The NSFB informed that the veteran Air Rifle coach Lee had previously worked with the shooters in Bangladesh for a short period.
`Lee is well known to the shooters for his previous works. He is a reputed coach so we urgently need to appoint him otherwise we may not get him,’ Apu said.
Initially Lee demanded $3000 per month but after negotiations he agreed to bring it down to $2000. Besides that, he will be provided with accommodation, food and two plane tickets per year.
Meanwhile, Shahed Reza, secretary General of the BOA, admitted they got the letter from the NSFB and seriously thinking about it.
`We are seriously thinking about the proposal of the NSFB but we have to think about other sports also,’ said Reza when asked about the NSFB proposal.

-Input from New Age

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