Artists display post-academic dilemma

April 8, 2014

Artistic endeavors are purely a creative process that can flourish more if it is liberated from rules and regulations.  Still, artists need to go through academic lessons to sharpen their innate virtue of making art. Institutional education is often seen as a means of developing technical skills by many young aspiring artists, whereas other artists often feel art institutions restrict the free flow of creativity with all the rules and conformity. What role art institutions play in the development of an artist is perhaps a matter of deeper contemplation. But five graduates of faculty of fine arts of Dhaka University have organised an exhibition that may shed some light on the matter; as they have showcased their works from before and after their graduation.
The group art exhibition titled Post Academic Dilemma is taking place at Dhaka Art Centre in Dhanmondi in the capital.
The exhibition features artworks of artists Efat Razowana Reya, Forhad Uddin Masum, Jesmin Jahan Jhuma, Shamir Ahmed Hemel and Kehkasah Sabah. The six-day exhibition has been curated by noted artist Wakilur Rahman.
The artists have displayed the artworks they created while they were still studying and also the works they done after completion of their degrees. The idea is to let the viewers decide whether there has been any qualitative change in their work.
A comparison between the works done in two periods demonstrates that the artists have, to some extent, become more creative in their selection of medium and subject matters in art. Many viewers were of the view that they have become more masterful in their expression of feelings and ideas.
Kehkasah Sabah, who did her Masters from the drawing and painting department of the university, has become more interested in experimenting with contemporary mediums for her work over time. When she was a student, she had to confine herself only to conventional mediums of painting. ‘I realised that contemporary mediums are more dynamic to explore life and also to express myself in better manner,’ said Sabah to New Age.
Sabah’s corner at the exhibition features few paintings and portraits that she created in her university days. But her later works, in which she has used x-ray sheets and photographs, are more diverse in terms of mediums and expression of thoughts.
Hemel’s life has become more colourful since he completed his academic days, when he used to paint only on canvases. Now being free from syllabuses and classrooms, he, who was also a student of the painting department, paints on all his personal belongings like wrist watches, clothes and even shoes as he wants to colour up each and each every moment of his life.
Beginning on April 4, the exhibition will remain open to all from 3:00pm to 8:00pm every day till April 9.

-Input from New Age

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