Ruhee going strong

March 24, 2014

Ruhee going strong=With a red tip on forehead and an honest smile, the starry-eyed, beautiful face of actress Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee is on posters of the film Shongram all over the capital and other parts of the country as the film is scheduled to be released on March 28.
The actress first came under the limelight as a model several years back and created a space for herself in the media within a very short time of her arrival. Her presence in massive billboards and magazine covers apart from ramp walks made her face familiar to people.
While for the first few years, she almost solely concentrated on modeling, once she has anchored her roots in the modeling industry, the talented and beautiful artiste decided to explore her acting skills and thus ventured into television plays and films. But, being an artiste who believes in quality, Ruhee remained very meticulous in selecting her projects and thus she was not seen to appear in almost every teleplay of every television channel, which is often the case for hit, new faces in the small silver screen industry.
‘I am very selective about my work whether it is a teleplay, film or modeling and it is quality that I always keep in mind,’ Ruhee told New Age in a recent interview.
Ruhee, who began acting with Ahmed Shushmoy’s teleplay Oporichita in 2007, revealed to nobody’s surprise that she loves modeling and will continue to do it but she prefers to work in films over teleplays as they reach a wider audience and leaves a stronger impact on the viewers.
Ruhee spoke at length about her film endeavours especially Shongram, a film based on the war of independence and directed by Munsur Ali, a British Bangladeshi filmmaker. ‘I like to take challenges in acting and thus want to do difficult roles,’ shared Ruhee, who has enacted the role of a Hindu woman in the periodic film, set in the wartime of ’71 in East Pakistan.
As part of her future projects, Ruhee wishes to take up on the challenge of playing the roles of prominent women characters in quality films.
Her pursuit of enacting challenging characters has taken the young actress to Kolkata where she is enacting the role of a fashion model in Mohua Chakrabarty’ Glamour opposite to Prambrata.
Ruhee considers working in Kolkata to be a great experience that added another dimension to her career. ‘Tollywood is much more professional in terms of timetable, planning and other aspects of film making than us. And they have really good international contacts; however, I believe the day is not very far when we will be equal to them, since we have a wide pool of talented and hardworking people in the industry,’ said Ruhee.
‘However, we are far advanced than Kolkata in terms for modeling. Though technically they are more advanced, personally I feel our television dramas are better considering the depth of stories of the plays,’ added Ruhee, who has also worked as a model in West Bengal.
Ruhee wants to be recognised for her acting skills by her fans. ‘I do not believe in competition with other artistes as at the end of the day, an artiste will be judged by his or her performance. So I just hope I can continue to do some good work,’ said Ruhee.
The actress is currently busy with several projects including Animesh Aich’s film Zero Degree.
It was first photographer Farque Helal and fashion designer Emdad Haq who recognised Ruhee’s potentials in 2006 and ushered her into modeling for the ramp, print media and TV commercial model. Her first commercial was for Parachute Hair Oil, directed by Amitabh Reza. Later, she also worked in TV commercials for Grameen Phone, Diamond World, Elite Paint and others. She has also worked in many TV dramas among which Giasuddin Selim’s Obogunthoon garnered her immense popularity.
Despite being ambitious and career-oriented, Ruhee still remains a family oriented person. ‘I give utmost priority to the decisions of my family and I will marry according to the will of my parents when the time is right,’ said Ruhee.

-Input from New Age

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